CC Cano

CC, started in cabaret style belly dance with Sara Shrapnell, joining Sara’s official troupe Neshee Dolu in January of 2016. While she still dances with Sara, she decided to explore other styles of belly dance as well. She chose FatChanceBellyDance® Style because she found the improvisation to be fascinatingly complex. A recent FCBD® General Skills and Teacher Training graduate, CC dedicates herself to the intense study of FCBD® Style. Her search for technical knowledge includes taking workshops and classes from FCBD® luminaries such as: Carolena Nericcio, Kae Montgomery, Sandi Ball, Wendy Allen, Jen McDonald, all the current  FCBD® teachers, as well as special workshops for dialects such as Tessera DanceWildCard and Tribal Witch. Additionally, she is adept at various prop dialects such as basket, sword, and fan. She has performed with multiple Bay Area Troupes in a variety of venues and works hard to elevate FCBD® Style to the highest levels.


Connie Mardon

Connie has been enjoying dancing FCBD® Style since early 2000.  Her first teacher was Kris Ohmen, who was one of the first FCBD® Style teachers to receive certification, and formed the group, Blue Stars of Tanit. The Blue Stars of Tanit entered the Belly Dancer of the Universe contest in 2008, in Long Beach, and received 1st place in the Tribal Category, which was judged by Carolena, herself! Connie has enjoyed bringing the art of FatChance® Style to Mexico while residing there and then to Monterey, California. She believes in keeping the spirit of FatChance® in its original presentation and form.   

Joey NLN

Joey has been a FCBD® Style dancer for 6 years and has studied with Tara and currently performs with Connie and Cecy as a troupe member of Luna Dance Collective. Joey also dances and teaches American Cabaret Style in Carmel and can often be seen dazzling the crowd with impressive solos featuring props such as a tray full of candles and duel veils. Joey enjoys the strong familial vibe of the Collective and always looks forward to the sense of community and fun of the weekly classes offered by Luna Dance Collective.



Lisa Marie

Lisa started her FCBD® journey with the FCBD®- friendly folks of WildCard BellyDance almost 9 years ago. She fell in love with the dance form, especially the costuming and music. FatChance® Stylespeaks to her analytical and linguistic sensibilities as the shared language and vocabulary allows her to be creative within a codified system. A former member of House of Inanna, she is a perpetual student, training and studying withKae Montgomery at Studio Azalia. She loves dancing with Luna Dance Collective  and teaching the Level One classes!